Get to know well about the Toy blast

This game has been created to enjoy and fun playing, all you have to do is simply match three colors and remove the toys from the board and also you can play this game online via Facebook. Each level in the game is very simple to play at the same time it would be more interesting. Toy blast hack is anybody can play this game which means there is no age limit to play this game. The person who is much interested in puzzle then this would be a right one to play and also it is completely on a free of cost. There is no need to spend money to play this fun-filled game.


  • It has many levels of exciting puzzle
  • Easy to play and fun-filled game
  • Toys include rockets, cars, animals and so on
  • You can compete with your friends through Facebook
  • It has extra bonus and rewards
  • Boosters include paint brushes, vacuums, buckets and so on

Strategy and tricks to play

  • This game requires a little strategy all that you have to do is noticing your moves because it is only limited and also sometimes you may have enough moves to complete. This game would be fun and more exciting to players.
  • While playing via facebook you can get twenty-five coins more.
  • Especially double cube will clear the whole blocks.
  • Should be very careful to failing stage, because every stage you stage you lose you will lose your life in the game and only after thirteen minutes you can regain it that too without failing stage.

Coin currency

It is very much important one to play this game because as much can you hold coins you will get escaped from failing stage. Do not waste them by buying some special stage. You should only use it when you really get into trouble. If you do not have coins then you cannot move to next stage. To go to next level definitely, you should buy coins to move to another level. Coin currency is essential to play and always should have some coins while playing.


Each one of the levels has scores to achieve this will helps you to get more stars. As known, the higher you achieve scores, the higher number of stars of you gets. As you play, you will know about the power-ups. This is considering more powerful based on the blocks you remove from your game. Another important thing is going to help you is a rocket. The rocket will come at any time while you playing the game it will clear the line on any basis.

Time limit

In this game, there is no time limit to finish it out. All you can do is to experience the fun will be enjoying playing.

Graphics and sounds

In this game, you can enjoy seeing colors it looks so nice and the graphics been created is stunning. Sounds are very impressive and catchy. Both of them combined as good together.

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